We stock only the best in pool and spa chemicals, including lines from Pool Pro, Lochlor, Evopure, Poppits & Aquaspa. A full range of pool chemicals including shock treatments, buffer, algaecide, duck off, acid etc.

Salt & Chlorine

Premium chlorine for every application including dichlors and trichlors.
Fine grade Australian crystal salt that will not stain.

Algaecides & Winterisers

For all seasons and all types of pool problems. Treat decaying vegetation and organic matter that fuel algae growth. Winter Algaecides allow up to 4 months hibernation for your pool with slow release algae prevention making summer balancing much easier.

Phosphate Removers & Clarifiers

From general clarifiers for murky or cloudy pools to concentrated faster acting liquid floculants. We have everything from a simple clarifying cube, liquid clarifiers, phosphate removers and flocculants. To clear up even the worst of pools

Nuisance Aids

Deter the likes of bugs, insects, birds & ducks with our range of safe, non-foaming surface producs such as No More Bugs & Duck Off.